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Rain by Ashrita

The smell of petrichor touched his nose,
He felt the smell as into the lungs, the air goes.
He exclaimed, "Ah! Rain is going to come."
His hands were desperate to touch the droplets to come,
Gazing at the sky, he waited for long,
For the sky to be adorned,
With grey clouds, wearing a royal rainbow crown.
He kept waiting and the drops touched his hand,
The rain kept wetting the sand.
He wondered, why rain comes,
Whatever the reason was, it made him joyous.
The plants were dancing to the rhythm of winds,
Flowers smiled, happy with the musical beats.
He heard the rustling leaves,
He looked at the swaying branches of trees.
Why was rain coming, he kept wondering,
Were the gods crying?
Or were the cloud soldiers in distress?
Were they angry and wanted to make a mess?
Was the water leaking from the upper world?
He felt joyous tears of the lord bring a rainbow above,
And when god is sad, the rainbow wouldn’t show.
His clothes were wet with tears from paradise, several drops on his shirt,
A few went through his throat.

class 9
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans Public school, Jubilee hills, Hyderabad

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