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Haunting Memories

'Tring Tring' my phone rang,
A ringtone it sang,
It was a call from my father,
I never knew it was going to be a call like no other,
I lifted the call,
On the other side there was no voice at all,
I wondered why,
I heard a cry,
I taught it was my imagination,
But hearing my father's voice changed the situation,
He was weeping,
In silence I kept listening,
He said, "your mother is no more."
"Come quickly wherever you are."
I couldn't believe the words my father spoke,
In tears my shirt began to soak,
I boarded an emergency plane,
I sat gloomily, thinking why she did it to her son,
I felt a touch on my back,
It was the air hostess's hand,
She asked me if I was fine,
I replied positively knowing it was a lie,
She wouldn't believe me
She asked if she could help me,
I lied again saying, "I had seen a nightmare. "
Oh how I wish it was a nightmare!

D. Ashrita
Class 9
Bhavans public school,
Jubilee hills Hyderabad

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