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Seeing the nature’s beauty,

I realize my duty.

To save the trees till my death,

As they have given me my breath.

I need them

And they need me.

Let us all make them free

As trees are being destroyed by man,

But the truth is,

He is spoiling his own life span.

The trees that give us air to breathe.

The trees that give us food to eat.

Whether it is maize, gram or wheat,

It’s the life of a farmer’s farm,

And they keep our weather calm.

Whether it is the fruits or the vegetables

And even the meat.

The reality is,

Whatever we eat,

Is a gift from a tree.

Mothers feed their children,

And our mother earth feeds us.

I think I have made you understand,

The importance of trees,

As they protect you and me.


Gurman Bhatia

Class 7 B

St. francis De Sales School

Words of Appreciation

kavitha Good work!!
Sagar Well done Gurman. Keep it up!
Hitesh Gandhi Good & well done. Keep it up.
Praneetha Good poem! Keep it up!!
jo Great work. Fabulous
aqsa Excellent poem. Fabulous.

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