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Life of a Blind girl

Wow! The world is so beautiful,
My mind portrays it as very colourful.
People say my world is colourless,
But I wish you could see my mind's pictures.
Maybe my eyes can't see but my mind can see different sings,
In spite of the discrimination I face my heart happily sings.
I face discrimination from every nook and corner,
Even from my mother and father.
They say"what can a blind girl do? "
One day I will show them what I really can do.
I was wishing for light,
I wept profusely day and night for sight.
Until the day someone showed compassion,
And made me realize my potential.
She wiped away my tears,
She removed my fears.
She showed me the real light I longed for,
She told me I am special, eyes can see things near, mind can see things near or far.
I need not see distress and miseries,
The world I see has no place for agony, it's filled with peace.
I can concentrate with my blind eyes,
I wonder If I could do that if I had vision in my eyes.
I thank the someone who showed love,
If everyone were like her, how the world might be, oh how!
My dream is a compassionate society,
For that from the bottom of my heart, I pray the almighty.

D. Ashrita
Class 8
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans Public School
Jubilee hills

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