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The Joy of Happiness

The Joy of Happiness

Happiness : We really feel it.

You may beg it, borrow it, and steal it,

Pay coins of dripping blood,

For this valuable good.

But still I won’t get it,

Without true sincerity,

Without true loyalty.

Happiness comes limited,

Work hard will get more,

Yes your heart will get it store.

Come friends laugh a while,

This moment for happiness’ joy.

By: Gurman Bhatia.

Class 7 B,

St. Francis De Ssales School

Words of Appreciation

JAYARAJ K S Keep it up Bhatia. It's a poetry from a boy of class VII, that moves you. Keep it up! Boy's like Gurman will make our country proud.
Gurman Bhatia Thanks Jayaraj for your comments but I'm not a boy, I am a sweet girl.

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