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School Bus

The vehicle which strictly obey the rule,
Is only the bus of our school.

The school bus will arrive at eight,
It won't lead students to wait.

We will learn what is punctuality from our school bus,
Before our teachers will teach about it.

The driver uncle should have more patience,
To bare the children's nuisance.

The cleaner will shout at the children,
But they are busy in their silly discussion.

Some children are busy in doing home works which are pending,
Others reading for their test which they are going to write that day.

The children who had completed their home work,
Are enjoying the beauty of nature through window.

In some homes the children are hurrying that they will miss the bus,
In some homes children are crying to bunk the school.

When our any busmate birth day arrives,
We will celebrate their birth day in bus.
By seeing the joy of this birthday guy,
The tears of crying kids will disappear.

At morning time small kids are feeling sad in bus because they are leaving home,
But at evening time they are happy because they are returning to home.

The bus is medium which fulfills our thirst of knowledge,
By taking us to the school, which is pond of knowledge.

The bus will safely receive us from home,
And safely drop us to home.

The end of every academic year we will feel happy,
But we will miss the joy of our school bus daily.
The vehicle which is safe for us,
Is none other than the school bus.

Bhargavi Kalyani, 10th class, Geetham high school

Words of Appreciation

Narsimha rao kalyani It is a very nice poem. You made me recall my childhood memories.

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