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My School Uniform

The day started with chirping of birds and rise of sun,
It was the first day of my school as well as end of my fun.

Mom told me to wear school dress,
Then I began developing stress.

Now the turn is of tie,
Which make me to feel, “I was hanged to die”.

Next I went to belt,
“I have tied my waist to the pillar”, I felt.

The last were my shoes,
Which are like chains, made my walking to lose.

After my mom made me to wear my school bag forcibly,
Then suddenly I listen a horn of school bus horribly.

This was the first day of me in my school uniform.

I dropped my leg out of school bus heavily (heavy hearted),
My shoulders are free when I removed my school bag sorrowfully.

I felt walking on spikes with unease,
When walking after removing my shoes.

“Some muscles are removing from my waist”, I felt,
When I am started removing my belt.

I felt resigning from a post which is very high,
When I am started removing my tie.

I felt my happiness is becoming less,
When I am started removing my school dress.

It was the dead end of real fun of my school,
The day ended with tiny drops in my eye pool.

This was the last day of me in my school uniform.
On both the first and last days I was weeping,
But those two have different meaning.

Bhargavi kalyani, 10th class, Geetham high school

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