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My Father by Jahnavi

The person who guides me and my sibs,
And who also acts as our limbs.

He will make us to wake up,
And gives company along with the coffee cup.

His company gives me confidence,
His talk will release my tense.

In my life, his role is vital,
And he is so far from brutal.

He will teach us as teacher,
He will cut our hurdles as a razor.

Always he is not sweet,
Sometimes his anger will meet.
When we make loss of time,
He will feel as it is a big crime.

Sometimes he will appear red,
But he will be cool when we follow what he said.

We will become shorter, when he is anger,
But his anger wonít stay longer.

He will be as my friend,
Upto when my life will end.

He is the one,
Who knows me very keen.

He canít be compared with others,
And he is my father.

Jahnavi Kalyani 10th Class, Geetham High School

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