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My Class

After the completion of prayer,
We will enter the class with a lot of eager.

This is the four side covered room,
Where all the subjects are observed in very zoom.

The combination of the teachers and us,
Will make us to be free from fuss.

Sometimes we will be notorious,
Which make our teachers to be ferocious.

This will also make us to stand
On the benches but not on land.

In some situations our teachers will give up the class,
Because of the naughty behaviour of us.

But we know the secret of our guides(teachers),
That they are strong from outside and love us from inside.

Thus, begins the process,
And ends only when their determinancy loses.

I think their patience is tested by us,
But we are not detested by them.

Whenever our class had been punished,
Our juniors will make us to feel humiliated.

In the whole school, we stand first,
Even in naughtiness and also in sharpness.

We will participate in all competitions,
And minimum one prize is reserved for us.

We don't know the word hostile,
Our class is knowledge's castle.

Even we are naughty,
In case of study it will become shorty.

Our class is a garden with Intelligents who are in the form of buds.
But at one day all of us will become flowers and prove our own talents.

This is brief about my class,
Whose outer surface is hard but the inner glows.

Jahnavi Kalyani, 10th class, Geetham high school

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