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An Idle day thoughts

What can I say about a day like this
When I send my whole time sitting at home ------ huh!
Anyway it looked beautiful especially the red hibiscus
Which has come out like as though we invited it for a day and night’s time
My friend's at school – Now what to say about them
Few of them really changed ………..
Most for good but there are people who really betrayed their old friends
feeling miserable to say but not for good
there are people who hurt me in the past but became good friends
Because they came and apologized
Even I got the great courage to go back and tell people I was sorry if I hurt them
Time goes on and people change
I have forgotten the past - no use of remembering and moaning about it
I feel it is better to give the best you can to benefit you and others at the same time
It is very easy to break a heart takes long and one has to keep trying.

M. Sai Siri Gandhamalya
13 years

Words of Appreciation

Anandha Saraswathi Devi "Time goes on and people change..."Golden words to be cherished and remembered.Good .Keep moving change alone does not change forever.....

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