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The Doe and the Prince

Pretty flowers bloomed
And the peacock spread its plume
A prince and his cat rode across a river
Ready to hunt with a bow and a quiver.

Chasing a doe along the brook
The prince wore a determined look
The doe warned her friends
Running gracefully around bends.

Cornered by the prince, she pleaded
“I have young fawns to tend to,
Didn’t your mother do the same for you?”
The prince was filled with remorse and pity
As softly purred his fat white kitty.

Then rolled down the doe’s eye a tear,
And out came all the does and deer.
They all stood their ground
And not one of them turned around!
All of them together decided to fight,
Even if it went on night after night.

The prince had realised his mistake
That he was hurting others just for pleasure’s sake.
He granted the deer their wish
And went off to the river to fish!!

Lavanya Chillara
APS Pune

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