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My name is Srishti
Whose favourite is History

I'm not at top of all or just at ground
But can leave everyone spellbound

Laughing is my aspect
But I do it with respect

I'm very foody
But also very moody

I'm not as sweet as a pie
But also not sour to speak a lie

I don't like people who shout
And they are nothing to me but a lout

I'm very ludicrous
Always narrating something humorous

Things sometimes go wrong
But never stays for long

I try to be sincere
But sometimes I can't bear

I have four friends in total
Who always help me in my trouble

Gouravi, Pranvee, Girisha and Ananya are good friends of mine
Who always guide me on the way to shine

Always smiling with childish glee
So this was me....

Srishti Dhir
Class 8-c
Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh

Words of Appreciation

khushi chandak beautiful, srishti didi

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