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When I First Saw You

When I first saw you in your house
I knew there was something that I came across,
I don't know what was the thing that mattered me the most
The thing which made me so lost,
This all happened when I first saw you
This all started the crazy things I did for

Then I came to know I have started to like you,
Everyday seemed so worst
For I only get to meet you during winter frost,
Though it took me 'Three' years to realise
Oh! Why I wasn't so wise?

You were so close to me
And i too was so close to you
But Oh! Not through heart relation
But through blood relation....

One day I realise I was so blind
How can I love someone with a puzzled mind?

Sometimes I felt ,had I committed a crime?
Or is this the Human Mind...

Then I felt guilty why I saw you
If I wasn't meant to be with you

I became so frustrated and my mind devastated
For I neither got a chance to meet you nor talk to you
Atlas I made a decision
Which can be called a perception
For a boy who did an invasion
Not only upon my mind but also upon my action,
The decision was to forget you
But why oh why I am not able to do this to you
Everybody says its not easy to forget your first love
Then I asked myself
Was my love just a crush?
That had to last only for six months like a brush!
This all happened when I first saw you
This all started the crazy things I did for you!

Khushboo Pradhan
Class: 10
Gangtok,East Sikkim

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