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Patience Pays

When I was a little girl - I was told wait my dear you will get what you want..
I grew up a few years and I was told be patient and learn you will remember it surely..
When I used to get frustrated over little scoldings, I was told to learn patience..
When I couldn't get my service correct, coach said with patience and practice you will do it right..
When I asked for a phone - I was told to wait till I get into a college..
When I got into a fight with friends and didn't talk for a long time.. I was told to give up..
Years of lessons of patience gave me just enough of it for not giving up..
If desire for a thing can make us so patient and wait for it.. Why not for a lively relation which builds our world..
Remember God listens your prayers only when he knows you are actually working for it
Be patient. Work for it.. Get it..

Praveena Kadiyala

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