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The Lady with a Heart

Mother is the best source of goodness,
She is the one who hides your weakness.
Mother is the Almighty strength for the child,
She cares for you all the time.

She is tensed when you are away from her,
But she is satisfied when you are with her.
She is sad when you do some mischief,
But also happy when you cook for her as a chef.

She protects you from any harmful act,
And watches your each and every activity closely
so that you don't do any mischievous act.
She scolds you often,
For the things you do oddly.

Like a plant gives birth to a beautiful flower,
And that flower glows everyday.
Our mother gives birth to us ,
So we shall do our task with perfection everyday.

The way we respect God,
We shall all respect our mothers.
As we grow we start thinking ourselves superior and
then do the wrong by insulting them,
But the love of a mother always increases.

Arth Tyagi

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