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Hi my dear children…. I am a PLANT
Here is my small story….
I am a small plant…I need only half feet depth in the ground to start my life…
I feed myself; I breathe the CARBON DI OXIDE, which is a waste gas you produce
I return you with a fresh air which is full of OXYGEN and you breathe it to live all through your life
When I sleep in the night….many dew drops occupy my leaves and stems
When I wake up in the morning….the morning sun rays falls on me….
I mix your CARBON DI OXIDE, ground water, dew drops and the sun rays to prepare my food….
Your ancestors have named it as PHOTOSYNTHESIS…..
Through this I convert light energy into chemical energy
I always live my life with PURPOSE…. When I grow as a tree… I am very useful
Though I don’t get any shelter…. I give shelter to many SPECIES on this earth….
Though I don’t travel…. I host many a travelers underneath my shade…they can sit, eat, relax & sleep
Though I don’t have a family…. many birds nurture their families on my branches… I support them
Even after my death…. I am useful to your HUMAN KIND
My stems are used as timber …
My body’s reminiscences are also used as ORGANIC FERTILIZERS….
While I live, I take nothing from anybody where as I help many creatures a lot
When I die, I trouble nobody …. My life & death…always I am useful…
Through my story I wish to teach you how to be INDEPENDENT, RESPONSIBLE & USEFUL
My dear children ….NEVER complain about what you DON’T have….and
Always look for opportunities to HELP and ALSO OTHERS…. Wish you all the best…bye…PLANT.

VI – ‘B’,
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Chittoor District
Andhra Pradesh

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