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Procrastination - The Mother of all Miseries

The alarm rings to get you out of your bed sheet heap,
You slam it down and go back to sleep.
Now it's 7:30 and you are late,
All you did was procrastinate.

You are late and you yell,
Not sure if you can reach school before the first bell,
You leave your home at half past eight,
All you did was procrastinate.

Forgot the English work on the chair,
During chemistry you ask for a book to share,
To complete the mahs assignment lunch you hurriedly ate,
Now you're thinking, why did i procrastinate ?

So you decide to start studying sharp at five,
But TV, computer is all you did till dinnertime.
Doing the pending work is something you have started to hate,

So again, you procrastinate.

As the days go by,
The pile of works keeps on getting high,
you begin to curse your fate ,
But wait, weren't You the one to procrastinate ?

This is something to which we all can relate,
So why do we even procrastinate ?
This is a habit that's not easy to let go
but remember, you'll reap what you sow ..

Prachi Kothari
Class : X C
Bhavan's B.P. Vidya Mandir,
Civil lines, Nagpur

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