Digital Dimdima


You Have Killed Yourselves And Ourselves

Everyday fights and wars,
Including Earth; excluding the planets along with Mars.
What have you brought?
Pains, suffering and nothing but drought.

Is this what you call humanity?
Bloodshed and no unity!
Brother killing brother
and every house a mother.

Where is the peace?
Everything you have seized.
Blood and blood; that's what I see.
Talkin' all this is not only me.

One day the world,
Will be hard to mould.
The blue colour; the fresh air,
Will one day be all bare.

How could you bare to see this?
Won't anyone after this you will miss?
One by one everyone gone,
Then you will hear the remorse and the moans.

Time will become a day,
When you will comprehend your fatuous ways.
You have destroyed yourselves
And ourselves.

Name- Raabia Tabassum
Class - 10

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