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World of Darkness

While I was wandering around
trying to catch the moon
which was high up in the sky
I fell down in a large pit
which was filled with darkness.

I longed for a speck of light
and surprisingly, I saw a large fire ball
which gives out light like a sun.
But unfortunately , it was dangerous for me
as it was spitted out by a dragon.

As I was thirsty , I searched out ,
for water , and , I found a pond.
But unfortunately , it was
filled with poison of snakes.

Then what I just wanted was
a safe place to sleep for a night
and I found a house !!!
And unfortunately it was
a place where devils
and demons lived.

I started running away
from that haunted place
which came behind me
to see my end.

I roam and roam and at last
when i opened my eyes I was in my bedroom.
I sighed at once and
thanked the almighty
"It was just a dream!"

Ms.Neha Nizar
Class 12 ( Commerce)
Arya Central School

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