Digital Dimdima


What happens when you shrink?

Once I was walking in a city,
That I didnít even know,
When I came to two split lanes,
I didn't know where to go.

I just went walking on one,
Which I just thought was right,
I didn't think I ever had
Such a dumb sense of sight.

I kept walking on and on,
Until I reached the finish,
When I walked into a machine,
I felt I had started to diminish.

As I jumped out of the machine,
I started to feel strange,
As I stepped into a portal,
It started to rain.

I found the colors familiar,
And after about an hour,
I noticed I was in my bathroom,
Standing under the shower.

The washbasin was so high
Like a mountain in the sky,
When I came to know that I had shrunk,
Feeling bad I started to cry.

Then I remembered the portal,
If it had made me small,
Of course if I step in again,
It would make me tall.

Just as I thought,
I grew back once again.
I was glad I didn't go to the hall
Or I would have been run over by my toy train.

Harsh Hari,
10 years,

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