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My Teacher for me

My Teacher for me

is a single soul who plays many roles. She is a second mother to me with unconditional love and care, a true friend

the best of guides, a real facilitator. She is like a burning candle who gives us light.Sometimes she gets angry but we know it is for our own

betterment because she really wants to see us as "Shinning Stars". She keeps on motivating and encouraging us throughout our learning period. She always

holds our hand while climbing up the stairs of ascent. She has tremendous strength, energy and intelligence which allows her to work endlessly. A teacher

gives us an aim in life and helps us to achieve it by means of enormous input of knowledge and guidance. My teacher is the one, who made me who I am today, I promise that

the knowledge she taught me, shall always remain in my mind forever. I will try to be the best in whatever I do, with her as my inspiration, Thanks for being my TEACHER.

Aishwarya Goyal

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