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When I was a kid...

When I was a kid I hated gardening,
To me gardening was weird, and it made me tired,
Also, for not helping dad,
I was always fired.

One day I went to an apple orchard,
This is where I discovered,
Gardening is fun, it helps you learn,
How tiny seeds turn into trees,
How is honey made by the bees,
What happens to the leaves when they are dead,
How happy is mother sparrow,
When she sees her chicks with their wings spread.

Now I know, when in the garden
You should not shirk,
Gardening doesnít need a lot of work.

In the end I would like you to keep it in mind
That we should remain
To our garden very very kind.

Garv Bhupesh
V- C
Bhavan Vidyalaya Ė Jr. Wing

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