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Vanishing Heritage

Buildings, monuments and tombs
Alas! cry on their wounds
Do we show on them mercy?
When we litter with coloured packet juicy!

Taj Mahal, red Fort and Charminar
Still stand tall with honour
Do we linger on them with respect?
When we scribble and cause defect!

Art, music and dance
Leads us to a trance
Do we persue them as worship?
When we mix and match, ours and theirs
in the name of friendship!

Friends! let's not forget our past,
But uphold our heritage fast.
Let's treasure our tradition and culture,
For a better and brighter future.

Sristi Sharma
Std.6 sec. E
Bhavan's Public school,
Andhra Pradesh.

Words of Appreciation

shreya vishwani Very nice Shrishti. Congratulations!

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