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Childhood Again

Our sweet little life is too short
Of which childhood is the best part.
If I could have a wish to gain
I would ask for my childhood again.

My heart ever filled with joy
Always asking for a new toy.
Mommy running after me for food
Thatís what we call childhood.

Teachers were so polite
As a young girlsí cute smile.
Not much homework was to be done
And Dadsí help made it a real fun.

Cycling for hours with my mates
Scolded for returning home very late.
Thinking hard very very deep
Cause of the fourth year to leap.

On sunny days mom put me a cap
When exhausted, rested in grandmaís lap.
Neither any tension nor any fear
Always cheerful without a tear.

I wish I could have my childhood back
With all that wonder and happiness packed.
If I could have a wish to gain
I would ask for my childhood again.

Devanshu Dhawan
8th D
Bhavans Vidyalaya

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Jaibhav nice try !!!!

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