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Saving Water

A girl was sleeping , and in her dream
suddenly she heard some people scream.
She saw a Ghost sitting on a broom,
coming directly into her room!!
She felt like she had been baked like a toast,
because this was the thing she feared the most.
The Ghost said, "Why don't you save water?"
Said the girl , "What's the matter?"
He said , "Saving water is cool ! "
She said , "Are you making me look like a fool?"
He said , "You can perfectly understand what I am saying,"
She replied , "No! Now let me go back to my dream of playing."
The Ghost explained , "Don't you see?,
Saving water is going to help you, not me!
Throwing garbage in water makes water pollution,
Don't you ever learn this in your education?
Don't keep the tap running when you brush,
Use the used water to make dry grass lush.
Don't bathe your animals in the river,
For looking at the dirty river makes me shiver!"
The girl said , "For telling this to me,you deserve a golden cup"
But the dream was over,and the girl woke up.
She saw the face of her mother,all loving and caring,
She pledged to always do Water saving.

Ankita Chopde & Sampada Ghute
std 5 E
Bhavan's B P Vidya Mandir
Wathoda, Nagpur

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