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Conservation of Water

Water !! Water !! Water Everywhere !!! But not a Single Drop to Drink !!!

Please save the water,our own water
the lifeline of people from doctor to potter.
Three quarters of our earth is covered by this water
but it isn't a justification to bitterly litter.

People blame the rain
not realizing that it's shower would be in vain
if the water is let unnecessarily to wane
and surely afterwards,it's difficult to bear the pain

Those care for it are branded stupids
the bandits are termed pandits.
If we go on have this attitude
the sand may even scale the highest Altitude.

We start the blame game for everything
not realizing that we get nothing.
The water conveys every matter
and it's wastage can ruin us more better.

Let's take a Resolution to end this
and let's make ourselves a wiz..
It's not a Fantasy
but a thing that makes our life cozy and easy.

VI E ,
Bhavan's Sri Venkateswara Vidyalaya,

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