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The World in Tears by Megha

The world is in continuous movement
in its high technology and development
just as today is not tomorrow
with the time none can’t borrow
the world has received revolutions
with the endless inventions
telephone, computer, television
that are indeed enough for vision
the innumerable list continues
since man’s aspiration remain
but none look to its negative
for everyone enjoys it positives
the nature is in serious threat
with all the troubles it can get
man is exploiting its privileges
to meet his selfish wishes
trees are cut down on large quantities
leading to degradation in nature’s qualities
pollution and global warming in its top
but no one is bothered to cope
So lets all join our hands
and protect our lovely lands
by planting more precious trees
and increasing widely the greeneries
let us not think on the past and get our time wasted
instead why don’t we think on the future and get our time acted ?
for world is in tears badly
and its time to wipe it out seriously.

Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, Kerala

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