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Poem for a Special Friend

- Jinal Vijay Shah

Poem for a Special Friend

Why, Why, Why, Why Should I

Suffer From the Trouble,

And Always Cry,

But Why Should I,

Why, Why, Why, Cry and

Let the Days Go On,

Do You Know the Days Are Gone,

But The Life Is On,

And Let It On Why.................

Words of Appreciation

ankita It does not go with the title. Poems written to a special friend do not consist of trouble which we bear.
Andrea Ferguson This is not so good poem. I think it could have been made a bit better. Sorry about that, but you did ask for my views
monisha This is good poem because in each of the poems which are written for special friend is consist of good things but here there is a bad thing which insists for crying so you might have given title as a special friend. A special friend can only understand the problems of the poet..
Yusuf Pathan A poem is a poem. Always good because it is feeling of heart.

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