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A Seed in My Garden

I planted some seeds in my garden three days ago,
And I want to roam around them to and fro,
Until it would grow beautiful flowers
With the colors of the rainbow…
Today some drops of water,
A little sunshine,
And a little wait,
Can give me a wonderful garden,
With trees, fruits, berries and dates…
Oh, I can imagine that my seeds have grown,
with many more planted,
and I am enjoying the morn,
in the fresh air of my garden…
Wow! How nice it feels hearing the sweet voice of the birds,
chirping all around,
in the air and on the ground,
oh I am bound,
with these gifts of nature!!!
But how how
I here a call and I fall,
off my bench!
Who tore this page of my imagination?
oh my! It was none else but my dog Wilson…
It opened my eyes and I saw the dark,
oh god I am in the park,
since morning and now its…
So, now I shall rush back home
and tell mom that,
Only three days have passed,
and here comes a junior of my plant
but I cant wait for so long
as I want to hear the song,
of birds in my garden!!!

Angel Pandhi
Bhavan Vidyalaya,

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