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A Boat Ride

We planned to go on a ride in the boat
It was winter, so I had to wear a coat
It was early morning when we went
And the water was full of current

We reached and searched for an empty boat
But we did not find anything of boat
But thankfully we saw a boat gleaming in the sea
And it was the best boat I could see

Then the boatman made the boat a bit steady
And turned towards my father to talk about his fee
And my father easily agreed
As the boatman was not in greed

The boatman pulled the boat from the shores
With the help of his oars
To the gleaming blue sea
Which was dancing merrily

The boatman took us across the city
As in the middle he stopped which was a pity
He explained the city and started again
In this saved the trip going on vain

We sailed and sailed until it was time to stop
Because we had to go to a shop
But I would never forget this trip of ours
This was better than trips in buses and cars!

Vaishnavi Vishwanath
Class VII
St.Mary’s School, Dwarka

Words of Appreciation

simran cute poem!
rashi sweet poem!!!!!!!!!
vaishnavi Thanks!!!

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