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Old Dark Night

In the season of spring,
A day wakes me up.
I saw an amiable nature
I saw the sun-swell and shine
Gallant after the defeat of faint winter,
And its rays piercing through leaves
Like a won army, warming its new countrymen.
I saw the red and yellow poppies
On its petals, the netted beam dance.
On the symphonies of cold breeze.
I saw the green trees
Now half red from white
Its leaves small feeble and lustrous green,
Lamenting on its ancestorís downfall.
I saw the roses of every race,
In bunch and solitary, attracting black bees.
I saw the magnificent Dahlias
Facing towards the sun;
Acquiring the golden coins first.
I saw the small sparrows
Chirping in chorus with its mates.
Decorating air symphonies;
Delighting every moment of my breath.
I saw the pure rabbits,
Hopping on the dusty ground,
Dust was blackening the white fur,
Sun rays falling; reflects back and glows,
And the fur shines and glows;
By the dust instead.
I saw the corn-ear
Talking to the aroma around,
Inquiring the time,
Time it'll turn cheap gold.
I saw the nature dancing again,
On the music of air,
My hairs being soft-lifted,
My soul being raised
To flow with their soul.
This ballet Iíd never seen,
And Iíll ever see.
These magnificent sights
Seen by my eyes.
On the beginning of a new day.
Compels me to live,
Leaving behind the old dark night.

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