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Everything is Gold!

- Rohan Pidaparti

9 years, 3rd Std

Everything is Gold!


In my point of view,

Everything is gold!

At the pond…

The ducks are gold, the frogs are gold,

The water’s gold, the plants are gold.

At the park…

The sky is gold, the swings are gold,

The slide is gold, the grass is gold.

At the mall…

The streets are gold, the people are gold,

The shops are gold, the halls are gold.

At the garden…

The flowers are gold, the water is gold,

The dirt is gold, the mud is gold.

What’s that you say?

None of these things are gold?

Perhaps you’re going blind.

Here, look through my gold-lensed glasses.

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subrahmanyam pidaparti Interesting!!

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