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The Competition

There came the flower queen,
Waving her hand to the applause,
The Rose and Lily were waiting,
To be the next queen at last!

When the flowers knew,
There started a fight,
A rampage over the
Red Rose and The Lily,behold.

The queen got confused,
As both the flowers were,
One above the other.

Then came Goddess Love,
Wanting a flower for her garden,
Again Rose and Lily approached,
And again there was a fight in Love’s den.

Love said,”I want red”,
So Rose approached,
Love said”I want white”,
So the Lily approached.

Then the queen asked love,
“Which colour do you want,please do confirm,
On that basis,I will choose my queen of the abode”
Love said”I want both”

Now more confusion approached,
Until Lotus came,
Lotus had red and white,
And a peaceful way.

Lotus was made the queen,
At last the fight was over,
Neither Rose ,nor the Lily,
The confusion was over.

This tells us,
Not to be proud,
Like the Lily or the Rose,
But be peaceful,be right,
And success will come behind you like a cloud.

Sudarshan Gopal
VII “B”,
APJ School,
New Delhi

Words of Appreciation

ishita sehgal Nice One. I really enjoyed it.

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