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A Stranger

Yesterday I saw someone,
Near an old desolate cottage,
Which lies on the bank of,
The ancient river, Thames.

It was a dark cloudy night,
When the moon was hiding,
And the trees were dancing,
When a tall dark individual,
Stood before me and said nothing.

I was alarmed with my hands trembling,
And my teeth chattering.
I gazed at him, surprised,
Soon, he disappeared with the blink of my eye,
For which I was more frightened.

I tiptoed away from that place,
And was relaxed to be safe.
I don't know who that guy was?
Whether he was a male or female?
Or someone else?

May be he was a ghost,
Who had a long nose.
Or at least a stranger,
Whom I've never seen before.

Samikshya Mohapatra

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