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Drawings by Tejaswini Karra

Drawings by Tejaswini Karra
13 years
American High School

Words of Appreciation

bhavana ashok I like your paintings so much. I wish you to draw more pictures.
Pree Very nice. Superb!! My wishes for you to become a great and good Artist.
Sara I have no comments about it these are very nice.Good Work
richa ojha Good work This is a very good painting the emotions in it are very good. Good work. Keep it up.
Raksha I love drawing and painting but I am not an artist I don't know how to draw It is too difficult to draw but easy to paint.
abhilasha rawat These are great! Splendid! I hope you will keep up the good work!
Abbey Well done,superb.Keep it up.
jeevalatha Wonderful art. All the best for your future work.
tushara I did not understand the fig.1 but fig.2 is very beautiful
PM Is this a painting or something real?
peeyush malhotra It seems evil is at the top and innocence at the bottom.
neha mishra Its a very nice drawing. I really love it.
Aleena Darwesh Superb, well done I think you are a good artist.
ajitha Best drawings ever seen.
shilpa yadav Great pictures. Excellent piece of work.
krishna Excellent piece of art. Hope you will become a great artist.
SudhaBiju Excellent Pictures! Wish You All the Best. Keep Drawing.You have a bright future.
Swarna Rajesh Very good. I know I am not good at this, but still a tip:try to draw the full body of people so it will look even better. But still I really think your drawing is very good. Lots of luck to you,and keep drawing.
khyatee Awesome paintings. Keep it up. God bless you!
ayhan mentesh Wondeful. Good drawings are sign of bright intellect. Congratulation. See my paintings at google.
namita It's marvellous! It's superb! It's excellent! What more can I say!
anushree Wonderful!
treasa Its very good and keep up the good work.

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