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The Force Behind The Gravity

By : Deepthi Plammoottil
Class VIII A,
N.G.V English Medium High School & Junior College,
Virar (East,.

Based on the above Comic Strip, How many of you can answer the following questions correctly?

[Submit your answer on or before 15th August 2016. All submitted answers will appear here on 16th August 2016.]

Question 1 : This comic strip is based on _________

a) An Indian Folktale

b) A story related to a famous Scientist.

c) A Panchatantra Story

d)  A story related to a famous Indian Political Leader

Question 2: If you believe that it is based on a story related to a famous scientist, his name is _________

a) Albert Einstein

b) Isaac Newton

c) Louis Pasteur

d) C. V. Raman

Question 3: The apple fell on his head because of _________

a) Air Pressure

b) Law of Gravitation

c) Surface Tension

d) Magnetic Power

Question 4 : The word 'EUREKa' is a _________ word.

a) Hebrew

b) English

c) Greek

d) Sanskrit

Question 5 : The Meaning of 'EUREKA' is _________

a) Funny

b) Extraordinary

c) New

d) I have found (it)

Question 6:  There is a story that a famous mathematician ran through the streets of Greece shouting 'Eureka, Eureka'. His name is _________

a) Archimedes

b) Aristotle

c) Socrates

d) Pythagoras

Question 7: Do falling objects drop at the same speed?

a) Yes

b) No

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