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Lord Krishna

Vishnu Nair
S.I.C.E.S High School
Std IV C

Words of Appreciation

Raj Reddy, Gudepu Dear Vishnu, it is a very nice picture. If it is coloured, it will be more beautiful.
Deepthi N Rao Yours is the best
Arun Prashanth Dear Vishnu, your painting is very good.
madhumita Dear Lord Krishna, Where are you?
preethi Dear vishnu your drawing is neat and beautiful.
vishnnu venu Dear vishnu, very good picture. Keep drawing pictures like this.
anup joshi Simply amazing
Remya Beautiful, Marvellous. Can you draw a grown up Lord Krishna for me?
sandhya It is a very novel idea to place the paintings of the kids in this site. It really appreciate the work done by each kid. Get GOING U GUYS ARE DOING A GREAT JOB
wamanrao chobitker Nice picture of Lord Krishna's childhood
Ambika Ananth Very captivating picture of little Krishna. Keep up the good work..God bless you.
Ankita Mehani Dear Vishnu, your drawing is very nice but it should be coloured.
keerthana I think it is cute and they should get a prize
valsala A neat picture of an innocent Krishna
Sasi Vishnu Kutti, You have a good hand. God bless you to become a good artist
Kamal Dear Vishnu, Good work. God Bless You.
Jyoshita Dear Vishnu, Good work. God Bless You.
raga Dear Vishnu, It is a very good drawing, Keep it up.
BHUMIKA BHATNAGAR You have made a very nice picture.
niraj_manwani Dear vishnu good job you've done an excellent picture of Lord Krishna. Can you draw for me a virat roop of Krishna
meena Its a very nice drawing
Kailash Happy Janmashtami
Roma Chudawala Hi Lord Krishna.. I am so happy today is your birthday!! Happy Janmashtami!!
vivek If you coloured it then the picture would become very attractive
Deepak Please send me lord krishana's Childhood photos. I shall be thankful to you
Deepak Kapoor Please send me Pictures of Lord Krishna
DILIP KUMAR Please send me picture of goddess.
vikas sharma Your picture is decent, carry on.
akshaya I think this is a very good picture and the person who has drawn this must get a prize
vandya Excellent job!!
S.SAI ANVITHAA Your drawing is very nice. Even Lord Krishna will feel proud on seeing the picture
saroj Good
Baljit Singh Your photo is good one if it is coloured then nothing like it.
baba It is a great drawing.
sindhu sushmi I like your drawing very much. Good luck
Lovely Dear Vishnu, it is a very beautiful picture. If it is coloured, it will be more beautiful.
sagar vishnu I'm so proud of you teach me this drawing please and your drawing is very good I think you are a good artist.
kokila kumar It's very nice. You are the best. Keep it up. More & more you draw the God's picture. "Wish u All The Best " God bless you.
harsh jain It is most beautiful drawing I have ever seen.
poonam sharma Lord Krishna your omny presence.
Mayank Bajaj The transparency in the photograph shows the neutrality, unbiased nature of Lord Krishna, which are also the main teachings of Bhagvad Geeta.
callum It captures his godly presence and radiates his beauty
chandan panchal bhagwan krishna sub ke dilo me diyo ki taraha jal rahe hai,jis kis ke bhi dil me agar pyaar hai to wo bhagawan krishna hai
netra It is a very beautiful scene. I like it very much.
gopal It is very cute. Do sarathi with Arjun to make another Kurukshetra against "sin".
Sue Sivagnanam Lovely picture!
geethu vry vry gud!!!keep it up and send more pictures..
anil o samwal I like Lord Krishna & Amba Ma.
kalpana Great job vishnu keep it up, waiting to see more pictures like this.
sateesh Extradionary it more and more
sachin batra I really appreciate your work.
RUCHI MEHTA It's a very beautiful and awesome picture!
marikrishnan Nice picture and Do you want butter Krishna??
RAJEEV WADHWA Dear Vishnu, I am grateful to you because you are giving Bhakti to the world.
Saurabh Singh Good!!
N.K.K.Nair Dear Vishnu, Your Picture is very impressive and beautiful. This color is showing the real beauty of Krishna.
shashank shekhar joshi I like the bal gopal swaroop of Krishna.
Rajeev Shyam Gautam You are my life.
minal It is simply mind-blowing and breathtaking. You are a real artist !!
khyatee Very good keep it up!!!!!!!
sharon I pray to you every saturday and sunday. Please make my dreams come true and help my mom and dad and my two sisters and my older sister's son and her son or daughter that's coming soon. Please help my brother in law.
Sandip Jagtap I want as many photos of LORD KRISHNA. Please send me the photos.
pretty sharma I like the radha and krishna photo. And Bal gopal swaroop of krishna.
shweta katageri Mind blowing keep it up. MAY GOD BLESS U WITH ALL HIS LOVE AND AFFECTION.
ritu Picture is too nice but I want it in colour.
Gokul Acharya Lord Krishna is our hero & role model. I love him very much. He is my only friend with whom I can share everything in my life.
suman Nice drawing. Keep drawing and sharpen your skills.
Suman Dear Vishnu,It is very cute. Try drawing 'Krishna sitting with a calf'.
kunal khatri "Lord Krishna is everything." I love him very very much. The picture is so beautiful that I can't say anything. I pray to god to show me the path so that I can walk easily. He is the only friend with whom I can share everything in my life.
sudalaimani I like it.
Hari Suman Lord krishna is my god. He is my only dear parent with whom I can share everything in my life.
Swapna Dear Vishnu, I don't feel like closing the page at all. Unni Kannan is very cute.
Vijay Mishra I have one question. Who was the father of sudhama?
muthu It looks good and is eye-catching. Body style is also good.
shweta singh This is wonderful. Keep drawing pictures like this.
vandana I love Lord Krishna.
vandana Please send krishana photo on my email.
nikhil Vishnu,I love this picture. But it should be coloured.
nikhil Vishnu,I love the picture. But you should colour it.
Kamal Raval Shree Krishna, Bless all of us
Amita Phanse Please send Bal Krishna's Photos to my email id.
gowri Hi vishnu, its really very beautiful, you have done a great job. I really wish that lord krishna blesses u. Will you please draw a young krishna art for me?
shivika dhawan Dear ,Vishnu lord krishna is very good ,plz,send krishna photo on my email.
Siddhi Happy Birthday!
SURESH Hi Vishnu, No picture gets attraction without colour.
pawan Please send Radha krishna photo on my email.
saharkarthik Your grace is fully spreading all over the world, you are the real one ,you do not belong to the single religion. (b'caz u'r creator of earth )
sri Good pic, keep on uploading new ones ! keep it up.
kedar I wanted a picture of Lord krishna when he was a baby in such a way that his toe of the leg should be in the mouth and not a single cloth on his body. Can you do the needful please. I can pay for that please.
krishalaya Lord word to say..He is supreme of the god.
niha Dear Vishnu, its very nice. Please color it my friend.
anu It's really cute and could u draw me a picture of lord krishna.
simran Lord Krishna is the most loveable god.
MANSI Lord please take care of my sister.
mona Jai Krishna
Hemanjali Oh Lord Krishna "please bestow me as music in your flute. I want to sing all my life in praise of you"
Vijayen Hi Vishnu your drawing is really beautiful. But it should alive that is the colour is missing.
Raj Sharma Please send me Pictures of Lord Krishna.
anushree Keep it up.
MAITHILI PAGAY Wonderful. Keep it Up!
mamta sharma Jai shri krishna vishnu ji, really it is a very cute painting that you have drawn. I like it very much but please colour this picture.
NIKHIL KRISHNA DEV Please send me pictures of my lord Krishna. Jai Shree Radhe Krishna
NIKHIL KRISHNA DEV I love lord Krishna.
NIKHIL KRISHNA DEV Lord Krishna is the most loveable god.
NIKHIL KRISHNA DEV I love to say that Lord Krishna is my only brother.
melissa chellan Jai Krishna...please foward me lots of pictures of Lord Krishna..please.
khushboo aggarwal Lord Krishna you are the only one who can understand my feelings.
Hemanjali M.P. Oh Lord Krishna "Please make me your favourite musical note"
Sudhir Waghule Very Nice picture.
NIKHIL KRISHNA DEV I love Lord Krishna.
vrinda g varma Dear Srikrishna I love you very much.
juhi lokhande Dear Vishnu, your picture is a beautiful one. Keep it up!
mahima Very nice. Keep it up.
raju bairwa chaksu jaipur Dear vishnu, your painting is very nice. Please make more & more for all of us. Thank you.
Debarati Very nice. It's simply the best.
VISHNU SHARMA Dear Vishnu, your painting is extraordinarily good keeping in mind your age and other factors.Keep it up. May God bestow all his blessings to you for all sucess in life.
Namrata Beautiful
vandhana Awesome
archana It's so nice. Excellent vishnu.
lily Please make more about birthplace of lord Krishna.
MANAV KAKKAR Dear God, You are very nice and beautiful. I Love you, please sent me some photos.
satya prakash This is very nice picture. Thank you
anupam Every time there is a question in my mind. What would be my relation with Krishna? Father,Mother,Brother,Friend....No. My thought is that under these relationship,my love will decrease. The perfect relation for myself that Krishna is my "Anand". I cannot live without krishna and Bhagwat mahapuran.
pushkar desai Your picture is outstanding, amazing, fantastic.
Kailash More Considering your age, its amazing. I am waiting for another sweet drawing.
rachana I like bal krishana picture. I request u please send more picture bal krishana
shenba good, keep it up.
ravindra your painting is very good.
RESHMI Beautiful picture. keep it up.
abhishek It is a lovely drawing, if possible can you pls draw the viraat swaroop of lord krishna, I would love to see that. thank you
yashu It's really fantastic, amazing.
Radhika Pretty enough!!!!!
hari You rock at drawing.
sunil God bless you. Do more & more drawing.
moolchandra Dear Vishnu live long I like krishna as god & excellent my dear Vishnu.
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