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Dream For Success

We all dream. We have lots of dreams. We like to dream about different things. We dream at night. We dream when we feel like dreaming. We dream when we are alone. We dream and dream and go on dreaming.
But dreaming is not enough. We have to work hard to make them a part of our life-A reality.
We dream to become the President of India or the Chief Minister of a state. But only dreaming doesn't make you the President or Minister. You have to strengthen your mind and body to work hard. You have to convince your muscles and brain to support you. You have to take a lot of measures to present yourself in the position you are dreaming for.
And the main thing, Dream to make the impossible possible. Dream to attain succes. And when you have the result of your work, you will definitely feel happy for what you did. Take it as a goal, as a challenge and You will surely be a successful person.
And finally, work hard with a will for 'Where there is a will,there is a way'

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Words of Appreciation

saaimanisha It's very nice. Fantastic. Excellent. I have no words to tell about it.
vidya Good article.
amit but some dream never Done.
meenu I wish your dream comes true. It's awesome and your ides are brilliant.
hana I really like this article. Somehow dream is the reality of life.
D.Dakshita Excellent
sara I like it.
Anuj Nice article
Parvati This is really nice. I like it.

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