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There was a time when I was hanging like a bird in the sky but still I felt like an unknown ship down across the ocean with compass unknown and storm unseen. By that time, I had made a degree of defiance with God Almighty that he had given me so less in life. But yet I had the faintest ideas that there were some more shocks preserved for me in life, which would really stir my life like an unfilled bowl.
There it was; it came with the storm that took away my mom without uttering a single word to me yet she tried to speak to me but was unable to. I still remember her smile when she was lying in the deathbed low and though she was smiling with no pain yet she had suffered a lot, that I know. She left with no words to say and left many tasks and words to be heard and said after her. I cried for a while but it was a dream for me that time, but after I cried all day I left my tears on her deathbed. All the things I used to tell her from daily happenings to week long, I have still cherished all for her that someday when she will be with me, I shall share it with her.
My heart doesnt want to accept that she has left this world without me. To every moment that passes, to every time that passes, I actually look back and make my self believe that she is not there anymore yet this heart and mind always fails to believe what my eyes had witnessed.
This is the truth, which I have witnessed so early, which led me live like a person lost in wonders.

Vinay Ghimiray

Words of Appreciation

Rinki one can fill this loss but yes it can be made less with the presence of someone in your life. Do not feel so alone. Please share your pains with me...I will take care of you know your mom is there around you if not physically but yes she is there...watching each and every moment of yours..and I know she must not be feeling good when she watches you in this condition. Please do not be so upset as there are two persons who can't bear this....your mom sitting up there and watching and another is me sitting on this earth..take care
gaurav maniyar I like your site
Soneesh Vinay............. I read your words and couldn't stop myself sending message to you. None in the World can understand your problem better than I can. I have also gone through or can say going through all this. The only difference is that its your mother and it is my Father in my case... I dont know how old this incidence for you but it occured in my life 7 years back and I am still unable to accept that fact........ Anyway, dont feel yourself to be alone as there are many people in the World going through same condition. May you get peace of mind soon!!!!!
DINESH I like this site and the site's Fun Zone is very beautiful.
Vinay Thanks Soneesh, well, I am sorry to hear the same for you but the bad part is that you have seen this at so young age. Yet, I have not still learned to live with energy now.... this is will of God I see.
ravi shankar mishra This is the better way to share our feelings.......
Gopika Any person should go away from this world one or the other day. But you should not feel sad, many other people are there with you. Even I'm there with you. You have to achieve your goal without the support of anyone. May be your mother is living happily in some other place. You also have to die some day or the other. So be happy and do not think about the past. BEST OF LUCK!
Vinay Ghimiray Yet at this time too, I am not able to believe the same that she is not there. Yet in some time I feel that she is there at home and I would go and meet her at some time.This is really so painful to believe for me as of now. Some time when my bhabhi is there, I forget there, it feels that my mom is there, it is so unbelievable for me... God give me PEACE....

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