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‘Education is not the vast inherited library learnt by heart. It is the art to impart happiness to human life.’
This was my reply when someone insisted me to study. I was an excellent student but not studious. My attitude made my parents worry about my future. According to me, life was just fun. Gradually, a wind of change passed me as Manisha Madam began to teach us. She always regarded me as an intelligent scholar. She constantly inspired me to study more and participate in various competitive examinations. Her encouragement gave me potential to root all my defaults. A new view of study now engulfed me.
But this was endemic just to my academics. It did not deal my behavior as a whole. I used to view English as a boring subject. But as my teacher, Madam Samita began to teach us my interest in English grew.
Her speech was inspiring and attractive towards my naughty and egoist nature. She made me realise the relevance and miracle of ethics in life. She always encouraged me to be optimistic and acceptive towards opportunities. Her words changed my ideas and thoughts.
‘Inspiration is apt to come only when one is working Waited for, it usually keeps one waiting.”
‘The inspiration in my life was bought by these two teachers. All teachers are inspiring but some of them really are special. I am thankful to my teachers. Where I am today and where I will be in future is somewhat, a result of their inspiration. My this acknowledgement is a tribute to them.

Sneha Bhutada
Bhavan’s Lloyds Vidya Niketan, Wardha

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