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Science is as old as mankind is, or perhaps older than it. But has it ever ceased to fascinate man? Science is just like red wine. It gets on getting better and better. For understanding the concept of science, you do not always need the ‘B Sc.’ tag attached to your name. A mind searching for endless answers serves the purpose. And yes, the more you question, the more you learn and the more you learn, the more you understand!
Is science meant only for students who score cent percent marks in their exams? Definitely not. There are no categories in which science can be split. Science is meant for every single soul, who learns the art of questioning. Einstein would have remained only a lowly “Albert” if he had failed to continue on his quest of questioning. Science is just not about what you answer, but is also about what you question.
Right from having the curiosity to understand why do monkeys have tail, how does a pressure cooker work, why do we yawn, what happens when we faint, why do we blink our eyes, science has its roots in every single statement with a question mark. The only thing that Science expects from humans is a mouth full of questions. Some questions might be silly, but they in turn become the foundation of a bright future.
There is no single being on this bizarre planet to whom science is not at disposal. A housewife cannot claim that she does not use science. In fact, when she wraps a raw papaya with a newspaper to ripen it, she is using science. When a vegetable-seller weighs his vegetables on a balance, isn’t he using science? When a baker introduces yeast to the dough for making bread, he is using science. Hence, science is involved in every minute activity and this is what that should foster the art of questioning.
A good friend of ours is the word “why”,
Come forward to ask questions and just don’t be shy.
The art of questioning is a good art to learn. It is a good learning process and great fun.
Take resort of a sweet little question mark. As to ignite a fire, you just need a spark.
We must remember that every question does not need a reason. If Sir Benjamin Franklin had wondered why he should invent something like electricity, we would still be under the spell of darkness. Questions form a very integral part of science and also of day-to-day life. There is absolutely no harm in questioning. Hence, question, question and question and make people of the 21st century proud.

Urvish Paresh Mehta,
14 Years,
St.Francis D'Assisi High School

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