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Life in Mumbai

LIfe IN MUMBAI IS LIKE a roller-coaster ride. You face many ups and downs. We, the Mumbaikars, at times face many problems. But on the other hand, there is glamour, too. Mumbai is a city where lakhs of dreams become a reality and lakhs of realities become a dream. Go to a distant village and ask, “What is Mumbai?” and the answer you will get is “HOPE”. The defining feature of Mumbai is that it is a residence for people of various castes and religions. Mumbai provides opportunities on each and every front. It is place where trade takes place solely on trust.
In Mumbai, Life starts at 5 AM. It is a place where ladies and children can freely roam at 12 midnight without even a pinch of fear in their hearts. There can hardly be some on this planet who are not acquainted with the word “Mumbai”. Even though Mumbai is a vast city, the discipline factor still exists here in all walks of life. Mumbai has given births to great people like Hemant Karkare, Sachin Tendulkar, Vijay Salaskar, Sunil Gavaskar and hundreds of others.
Many leisure-loving people say that there is no peace in Mumbai. They say so because they hate to work. Campaigns like, ‘Clean Mumbai, Green Mumbai’, ‘Choose Life, Not Tobacco’, ‘Ban Cigarettes’, ‘Mumbai Chakachak’, ‘Tobacco free Mumbai’ have revolutionized Mumbai. Someone has said that, “God made the country and Man made the town”. But I totally disagree. If there would be no cities in the world, could we even imagine what would have happened then? No other city can compete with Mumbai. Mumbai is a heaven for those who like to work and a hell for the lazy ones. Therefore I never hesitate in saying, “AAMCHI MUMBAI”. Yeh hai Mumbai, yeh hai Mumbai, yeh hai Mumbai meri Jaan!!

Urvish Paresh Mehta,
14 Years,
St.Francis D'Assisi High School

Words of Appreciation

Jytosna Well said.
E.Kiran Mohan Yes one should have high opinion about his living place, let it be a village or a city. I am from Orissa and do dream to visit your city someday. Salam Mumbai
Ankush rai In Mumbai life of the people is very busy.
Mahendra Bhimrao Gaikwad Good one in very simple language!!!
mahenoor allana Good One.
ramesh impressive
swapnil lokhande very good essy
Manav awesome,the best
Honey Chandwani Lovely
alpesh walmiki here, surviving is easy bt living ur dream needs a dare
tejas patil very nice brother :)

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