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Rhyming Quotations

Taking blue from green, leaves it yellow,
Taking positive ness from life, leaves it in sorrow.

Mixing blue with yellow, will result in green,
Being positive in sorrow, joys are seen.

Those are praised, who practise modesty,
Those are respected, who practise honesty.

Pen is my passion, Creativity my power,
Imagination is the conclusion, Knowledge no one can mar.

Money can buy entertainment, but not happiness,
Money can buy a temple but not God.

My birth is history, my death a mystery,
And living my life is my victory.

Summu Thakur
Age: 13,
Convent of Jesus and Mary,
Navbahar, Shimla-171002.

Words of Appreciation

Watsala Effort is good. Keep It Up
avani parikh It is fantastic
Pragya This li'l effort of yours is beautiful. I simply love it... I wish I could write like you. Hope to read another 0ne soon..
Ravi Kabra Great, keep it up!
M.Ganeshan Nice
TEJA You have put great effort!!
pritika Good wordings.
Ramandeep Really written in a very creative way...Keep it up Summu.
Summu Thank you! I am coming to this page after 3 years and I am very happy to see it. Thanks to Dimdima as well.
Aishwarya Sharma I liked every bit of it. It was beautiful. Would like to read more.
mustafa Nice quotations.
Summu Thank you! It's been a decade since I typed the last comment. It's amazing what internet has done for the world.

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