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Time and Money

I started my life with little knowledge of the harsh world and realized that it was the things you do which makes your impression in the world. For example; you need to prove that you are intelligent by securing good marks, you need to show your love by buying some gift for loved ones, you need to act like a confident person to tell people that you are confident.
People call money the powerful instrument in this world but I call “time” more powerful than that. It makes you beggar or King with the swinging of the watch.

I literally lost my world when I lost the most prized possession I had in my life (my Mom). It was my belief that she would not leave me so early; she herself never ever left me for a moment but this “TIME” took her away like a feather is blown in a stormy night.
As I compare these two words, TIME and MONEY, one is “non-attainable” and other is “attainable”. You can hold money and store it, keep it and show it…. but you cannot hold the time for yourself, cannot show it to others, it comes and goes and we are just spectators.
The theme of my topic is that, be sure to take ideal care of your time not the money as time is slipping.
We can lose anyone so make use of this current time as much as you can because you cannot hold the time but yes you can hold the money for your future. Time is essence and money is but a small part of it.
Things to remember:
Nobody can make me happy unless I wish to
Nobody can make me sad without my consent
No body stops you from doing right or wrong things
Make your heart talk rather your mind for sometime
Surprise somebody by doing good thing for him/her and feel the music flowing
Smile when you are sad and share when you are happy
Care for your loved ones as nothing would stay for you.

Vinay Ghimiray

Words of Appreciation

raman True. Money cannot buy happiness. It is there inside you. Happiness comes when you have emotional backups to hold you in the downfall.
Deepa Well written.. I liked reading your essay!
Vinay Thanks Deepa! It is feeling I had when I had practically felt the things by my own. thanks to you too.. Raman....
suwarna Very Well Written.

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