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Tongue twisters are a set of words designed to make it difficult to pronounce. Difficulty in pronunciation is because of uses of alliteration (the repetition of a sound), rhyming, twisting in sound, for this various effects are used, spoonerism (play in words) and sometimes due to use of words of other language words.
History says tongue twisters were associated with mystics and supernatural powers, and that perhaps accounts to their origination. The reason for such association can be linked to the fact that tongue twisters arise a sense of curiosity. But today these have effects in improving pronunciations, acquiring proper accent, elocution teaching and speech therapy. To pronounce a tongue twister one must start by slowly reading it without stammering and mispronunciations and then adding speed with every read.
Few popular tongue twisters
1. Red Leather, yellow leather
2. Sometimes sunshine
3. The sixth sick sheikh’s sixth sheep’s sick – most difficult English tongue twister according to Guinness Book of World records

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