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Halloween-when the dead return

The scary night of October 31st of carved pumpkins, which are lit by candles inside, groovy dresses, adventurous tours and witty trick or treating festivity all celebrating the death and forgone. In western countries 31st October is an annual holiday celebrating ‘Halloween’.
The term Halloween is a contracted corruption of ‘All Hallows Eve’ marking the eve of ‘All saints Day’, observed on November 1st in Western Christianity. The peculiar custom has it’s origins from the Celts belief that the spirits of last year’s dead come back on this day in search of bodies, as the only hope to afterlife. So, the still living made, themselves cold and undesirable, dressing in a ghoulish manner to frighten away the spirits.
As the time passed and words like witchcrafts and mystics drifted from daily lexicon to a distant horizon, the fearful night became a festival. Today people celebrate Halloween with Jack-o-lanterns, the carved pumpkins, costumes, trick or treating, bonfires, costume parties, visiting haunted houses and ghost tours.
Halloween Facts-
Halloween is a celebration of supernatural powers; here is a quick view to some of its amazing facts.
1. Out of all pumpkins sold 99% are used as Jack –o-lanterns on Halloween.
2. Intense fear of Halloween is called – Samhainophobia
3. Halloween is second most commercially success holiday after Christmas.
4. Mexico celebrates ‘The Day of Dead’ instead of Halloween.

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