Gandhi Quiz


Kids Ideas

1. I am Varun
My Favourite hero is Tarun
I took his photograph
And autograph
When he came for craft.

2. I asked my daughter
To get some water
She said she would get it later
Because we were in the theatre

3. I am a bat
Who looks like a cat
I chase a rat
Who hides in a mat

4. Oh my son don’t run
I have brought you bun
After eating, we will have fun

5. I was travelling in a train
It started to rain
I pulled the chain
It was in vain

6. My name is Dennis
I like Tennis
I wanted to see my name
In the book of Guinness

7. My name is Albert I like curd
They were removing dirt
I went away so it wouldn’t fall on my shirt

P. Varun Kumar
Bhavan's Hyderabad

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