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A Fight against injustice

Once I wanted to buy a new bat. My Father and I went to a sports shop and bought a bat. I was filled with excitement. I could not wait to use the new bat. I wanted to show off the bat to all my friends. I dreamt that I would hit tons of runs at my cricket coaching.
Alas! But in just two days I heard a cracking sound from its handle. When I rolled down the grip, I saw a big split in the handle. I told my father about it. He told me to go and complain to the shop keeper. When I went to the shop, the shopkeeper refused to agree with me.
I returned and went back to the shop with my father. At first the shopkeeper did not agree, but later my father proved that there was a problem in the bat by tapping the bat on the floor. Thus the shopkeeper agreed to repair the bat and asked us to return after three days.
When I mother went to collect the bat after three days, the shopkeeper said that he would give a new bat as he was unable to repair it. Thus I got a new bat and I learnt to fight against injustice.

Rahul Kanekar
Manik Vidya Mandir

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