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Getting Old

For ten years of my school life, I’ve been petted and regarded as the ‘baby’ of our class. Not because I cried a lot or I couldn’t stand up for myself. I was as much as a fighter, actually a bit more, than the others.
The reason is simple --------
I just didn’t wanna grow up.
Growing up means a lot of things to me like responsibility, studying all the time, laughing less and keeping my mouth shut, never going out to play and all that.
All these things don’t go with me.
After going through one month of high school, I felt something was seriously wrong with me. I has embraced high school with my arms wide open ‘cause that was ‘MY LAND’.
Out of hundreds of serious teenagers, one quirky one set them laughing! But somehow, in my last week before summer break, I felt I was witnessing a rare phenomenon!
Was I growing old? Or am I under the impression that people no longer cared for my fun attitude?
I started growing morose, angry and cross. “What is wrong with me? Am I losing my Joke bones?” The thoughts inside my head might be insignificant but were reality scary
I was in a semi-hyperventilating mood before I decided to put my foot down.
I’m not getting old! I’d never grow if I could help it!
Determination crossed my face as I sat down to bear the final day.
I felt my spirits rise and fall alternatively.
I finally made it through and I guess people were finding a bit of the ‘old me’ in me again. A long summer break awaits me, now. Who knows how I’d feel at the end of them?
The happy-go-lucky ‘kid’ I used to be or the serious grown-up my friends are?
All I can say is --------------
Everyone has a bit of ‘me’ in them.
If they feel they are too old to do stuff like playing cricket with the roadside kids or jumping into puddles, maybe, its time to get out the ‘me’ in them. ‘Cause they can never be too old not to have fun like a normal kid should.

Mansa Tantravahi

Words of Appreciation

Purabi Edbor wow! what a vocabulary Devika!! I am sure you have a long way to go and keep on writing such oscar-winning articles forever!congrats!
aviral It's fantaboulus! Keep up the spirit of sports.

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