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The Real key to success

What decides a man's future - his fate or effort? This question might have bothered all at some time or the other moment. Some would favour fate and some would say efforts play a vital role in our life. For example: If we sit in our exams expecting some magic to happen which will help us to stand 1st in the class, I think it would be rather foolish. If we want to learn something you have to put in efforts. As you know even god helps those who help themselves, it is better to 'do and achieve' rather than 'sit and enjoy' and don't do anything in our life and be good for nothing. As Gandhiji has also said that one who doesn't work is simply a burden on this mother earth. In brief I would like to say that no doubt our destiny plays its role but our hard work can always do wonders
Thus efforts are the real key to success.

Ahsaas Verma

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Jyoti Rightly & well said. Very encouraging.

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